An Introduction to Conversational Spanish
This 12.5-hour introductory course will prepare students to communicate with Hispanic co-workers, customers, friends, or family. Course content will be basic greetings, vocabulary, and individual phrases students wish translated. This class will also introduce students to basic grammar concepts. At the end of this class, students will be able to greet people, talk about themselves, and understand the basics.

No textbook is required. However, students should bring a small 3-ring binder to class as the instructor will provide handouts throughout the class.

Campus Class:
January 26 through February 23, 2017
Thursdays from 6 pm to 8:30 pm
Building 8, Room 821 (Conference Room)

Registration fee: $30

An Introduction to Conversational French
This 16-hour introductory course will prepare students in all four areas of communication: speaking, listening, writing and reading. This course will be taught using specific learning goals. Some of the goals include:
* I can introduce myself and give important information about myself.
* I can ask and answer information questions in French.
* I can ask for and give the time of day.
* I can talk about the weather.
* I can express hunger and thirst and order properly in a French restaurant.
* I can talk about activities I like to do.
* I can give facts about France including its government, educational system, iconic symbols, history, and geography.

In each class session the instructor will incorporate relevant vocabulary and specific grammatical concepts. Students will be empowered to converse in French. Students should bring note-taking materials to class. Upon completion, students will be awarded 1.6 Continuing Education units (CEU’s).

No textbooks are required.

Campus Class:
Class will resume in the fall semester.

No funding assistance is available for either class.


 For more information about these courses, please contact:

Lou Stout
Director of Workforce Initiatives
Building 8, Room 804
Phone:  (252) 940-6307
Fax:  (252) 940-6254