A group of students jumping in the air.
Starting this year, students can take back-to-back courses during summer session.

New Summer Schedule Offers More Options to Help Students Graduate Faster

Students have a chance to take multiple courses during the summer session during 2019, allowing them to save time by taking prerequisites back-to-back with other coursework. Beaufort County Community College added the new schedule in response to increased interest in summer classes. Registration for summer and fall classes is open now.

During the last two summers, the college has seen an increase in the number of students taking classes, with a ten percent increase during 2018. Most of the classes are offered online, meaning that students can enjoy their summer vacation or work while keeping up with their courses. Students take these classes to finish their degree sooner, sometimes taking a prerequisite for a fall class.

“Online classes have opened the door to many more students, some of whom use the summer to work in order to pay for classes in the fall,” said Dr. Jay Sullivan, VP of academic affairs. “They no longer have to choose between work, college or family. Our latest changes can really help students use the summer to help maintain momentum towards graduation.”

Students can now use Pell grants (financial aid) or access scholarships for summer classes, changes that only went into effect last year. These changes open access to students who would have had to pay out-of-pocket for these classes in the past.

Some classes will be available as five-week sessions, others as eight-week sessions. One session will begin in mid-May, shortly after the spring semester wraps up, followed by a second session in July. The classes offered are arts and sciences classes aimed at transfer students, in addition to general education business classes.

The new schedule also works well for students who attend other universities such as East Carolina University or the University of North Carolina-Wilmington who would like to keep their classes moving even as they spend the summer with their families.

Students are encouraged to talk to their advisor or admissions about pairing classes during the summer session.