Six people lined up against a tree painting.
Our work-study students for 2018-2019: Jacob Bonner, Jennifer Mathis, Emily Jackson, Denny Bolafka, Annabeth Pooser and Sam New. Not pictured: Megan Cobb, Marshall Younce, Lynda Corprew, Berly Soto and DK Credle.

Work-Study Your Way Through Next Semester

Let's take a moment to thank our work-study students. Some of them are leaving us at graduation. Some of them will return in the fall. Some of them will work through the summer. They fill important roles in labs, student records, financial aid, the library, and our switchboard. They can work between classes and earn money. Employers look at work experience almost as much as education, and these students will enter the workforce with office experience.

Work-study is a great way for students to fill gaps in their financial aid for the fall. As you plan your summer and fall semesters, stop by the financial aid office to learn more about work-study.

Find the application form for 2019-2020 here.