A person on a riding mower
This class teaches participants more about their small engines, but also offers a certification for those who want to repair engines as a business.

​New Small Engine Power Trains Class Offered

Beaufort County Community College is offering a new Power Trains, Hydraulic Systems, and Electrical Systems for people who want to learn how to repair small engines such as tractors or riding mowers. This class can teach participants about small engines that they own or help them learn how to diagnose and repair equipment for others. It focuses on the principles of power trains, hydraulic systems, and electrical systems and how to diagnose and test problem areas. Students will learn the principles of each system and the components included while applying the knowledge through hands-on labs. Knowledge of these systems can be used to diagnose problems, perform preventative maintenance, and repair issues in a variety of off-road vehicles and vehicles.

The textbooks for this class include the John Deere Power Trains textbook 8th ed. (ISBN: 9780866913775) and workbook 8th ed. (ISBN: 978086691379-9) as well as the John Deere Electronic and Electrical Systems textbook 10th ed. (ISBN: 9780866914093) and workbook 10th ed. (ISBN: 9780866914192). These books are available at the BCCC bookstore and can be purchased at Quality Equipment, LLC. Contact Quality Equipment, LLC at (252) 946-0267.

Students will have the opportunity to test for the Equipment & Engine Training Council (EETC) Drivelines, Mechanical Systems, and Electrical exams in addition to the class. Each EETC exam will separately cost $50.00. Retesting fees are separate. Register & pay online. This class takes place from 6:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays starting August 26. There will be one Saturday session on December 14. This class costs $186.25. To register, you can call 940-6375 or fill out the registration form and bring it to Building 8. You can also register online.