one person handing another person a check with some other people behind them.
Roy Parker (left) of Edward Jones Investments presents a check to Dr. Dave Loope (left), BCCC President. The Men of Matchless Wisdom–(left to right) Ben Deck, Dr. Keith Lyon and Marshall Hall–with Serena Sullivan, VP of Institutional Advancement.

BCCC team wins Chamber of Commerce Trivia Bee

BCCC's team, The Men of Matchless Wisdom, took first place at the Washington-Beaufort County Chamber of Commerce's annual Community Trivia Bee. They won $1,000 for the BCCC Foundation. The event was sponsored by Edward Jones Investments. The team consisted of Communications Professor Ben Deck, History Professor Dr. Keith Lyon and Audio Visual Coordinator Marshall Hall. The event brings together teams from schools, companies and community organizations from the area, with the winning prize supporting a local non-profit. The BCCC Foundation will use the funds toward future scholarships.