Options for GED & high school equivalency

This could be the perfect time to get your high school equivalency or GED. A degree can help in finding a new job or increasing your wage at your current job. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online options could make it easier for you to get while staying at home.

  • Beaufort County Community College is offering GED/HSE testing on campus.
  • Qualifying individuals can take the GED online.
  • You can schedule to take the GED online at: www.ged.com
  • We do offer GED classes online.
  • You can call 252-940-6298 or 252-940-6325 to register for classes.
  • You can attend college with a GED.
  • You can apply for financial assistance/scholarships to attend college with a GED.
  • You can complete your GED before summer ends.
  • Your employment opportunities increase with your GED.
  • Call Bobbie Lewis to schedule testing 252-940-6209
  • Let us help. Call today: 252-940-6298