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Excited for an agreement a decade in the making: Ben Morris, dean of business, technology & public services; human services technology students Dondree Woods, Emily Roscoe, and Brandi Keenhle; and Ann Barnes, lead professor for human services technology. (Front, left to right) Dr. Dave Loope, BCCC president; and Dr. Lisa Hill, VP of academic affairs.

Beaufort CCC and UNC Wilmington Partner for Bachelor of Social Work Transfer

A new transfer agreement between Beaufort County Community College and the University of North Carolina at Wilmington will grant new opportunities for students who graduate with an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Human Services Technology. After students complete their two-year program at Beaufort CCC, they can attend UNC Wilmington either in person or online to earn their Bachelor of Social Work (BSW).

“With this BSW agreement, our students can attend online, so wherever they are, they have that choice,” said Ann Barnes, lead professor for the human services technology program. “When it comes to their senior year field practicum, they can stay in their home community with a local agency to fulfill the internship requirements and have a UNC Wilmington faculty supervise that whole process if they do the program online. What a what a gift! They can stay continue their lives here while completing their education.”

“There is a lot of need in our community for social workers in the fields of counseling and substance abuse treatment,” said Dr. Dave Loope, BCCC president. “Many of our students in the human services field have experienced hardships firsthand, so this transfer program makes the BSW program at UNC-Wilmington accessible to the people who are best qualified to lead in this field.”

Many careers in the social work field require a bachelor’s or a master’s degree, so this program will open new opportunities to students and ease their progress toward achieving the most beneficial degrees in this field. Individuals can earn an AAS in Human Services Technology debt-free at Beaufort CCC, progress to UNC-Wilmington and apply for scholarships, and even progress into a Master of Social Work program.

“This opens up so many opportunities for students like me who want to transfer,” said student Dondree Woods, who is excited to attend UNC-Wilmington in person. “I want to get that full college experience, and I feel like I have to be more disciplined.” Woods plans to work with substance abuse treatment.

Student Emily Roscoe is interested in completing her BSW online. “I’m able to still live at home and be in my community while furthering my education,” she said. Roscoe plans to work as a patient advocate for people with mental health conditions.

Current and new students are eligible for the transfer program. They can contact Ann Barnes, lead professor for human services technology, at ann.barnes@beaufortccc.edu or 252-940-6361.