Medical Laboratory Technology A45420

The Medical Laboratory Technology curriculum prepares individuals to perform clinical laboratory procedures in chemistry, hematology, microbiology, and immunohematology that may be used in the maintenance of health and diagnosis/treatment of disease.

Course work emphasizes mathematical and scientific concepts related to specimen collection, laboratory testing and procedures, quality assurance and reporting/recording and interpreting findings involving tissues, blood, and body fluids.

Graduates may be eligible to take the examination given by the Board of Certification of the American Society for Clinical Pathology. Employment opportunities include laboratories in hospitals, medical offices, industry, and research facilities.

Number of credit hours required for this program: 65

General Education Requirements


Take 3 credits from ENG-111.

English - Other

Take 3 credits from ENG-112 ENG-113 ENG-114.


Take 3 credits from MAT-121 MAT-141 MAT-143 MAT-152 MAT-171 MAT-172 MAT-263 MAT-271.


Take 3 credits from PSY-150.

Major Requirements

Required Courses

Take 13 credits from MLT-110 MLT-111 MLT-120 MLT-130.

Anatomy & Physiology

Take 1 group.
Take 5 credits from BIO-163.
Take 8 credits from BIO-168 BIO-169.


Take 1 group.
Take 3 credits from MLT-118.
Take 4 credits from CHM-130 CHM-130A.
Take 8 credits from CHM-151 CHM-152.


Take 5 credits from MLT-125.


Take 1 group.
Take 6 credits from MLT-140 MLT-240.
Take 6 credits from BIO-175 MLT-141.

Clinical Experience

Take 14 credits from MLT-271 MLT-283.

Other Major Requirements

Required Courses

Take 1 credits from MLT-215.


Take 2 credits from CIS-110 CIS-111.

Other Requirements

Student Success

Take 1 credits from ACA-111 ACA-118 ACA-122.