General Occupational Technology A55280

The General Occupational Technology curriculum provides individuals with an opportunity to upgrade skills and to earn an associate degree, diploma, and/or certificate by taking courses suited for individual occupational interests and/or needs.

The curriculum content will be customized for students according to occupational interests and needs. A program of study for each student will be selected from any non-developmental level courses offered by the College.

Graduates will become more effective workers, better qualified for advancements within their field of employment, and become qualified for a wide range of entry-level employment opportunities.

Number of credit hours required for this program: 65

Major Requirements

Major Requirements

Take 49 credits from ACC-120 ACC-121 AGR-110 AGR-111 AGR-139 AGR-140 AGR-150 AGR-160 AGR-170 AGR-212 AGR-213 AGR-214 AGR-261 ANS-110 ANT-210 ANT-221 ART-111 ART-114 ART-115 ART-118 ART-121 AST-111 AST-111A AST-151 AST-151A AST-152 AST-152A AUT-114 AUT-114A AUT-116 AUT-116A AUT-141 AUT-141A AUT-151 AUT-151A AUT-181 AUT-181A AUT-183 AUT-212 AUT-221 AUT-221A AUT-231 AUT-231A AUT-281 BIO-110 BIO-111 BIO-112 BIO-120 BIO-130 BIO-140 BIO-140A BIO-146 BIO-155 BIO-163 BIO-165 BIO-166 BIO-168 BIO-169 BIO-175 BIO-243 BIO-250 BIO-271 BIO-275 BMS-110 BMS-111 BMS-112 BMS-113 BMS-114 BMS-115 BMS-116 BMS-117 BPR-111 BTB-101 BTB-102 BTB-103 BTB-104 BTB-105 BTB-106 BTB-107 BTB-108 BTB-109 BTB-110 BTB-111 BTB-112 BTB-115 BUS-110 BUS-115 BUS-116 BUS-121 BUS-137 BUS-139 BUS-153 BUS-225 BUS-240 BUS-260 CHM-115 CHM-130 CHM-130A CHM-131 CHM-131A CHM-132 CHM-151 CHM-152 CHM-251 CHM-252 CIS-110 CIS-111 CIS-115 CJC-111 CJC-112 CJC-113 CJC-121 CJC-122 CJC-131 CJC-132 CJC-141 CJC-170 CJC-212 CJC-213 CJC-215 CJC-221 CJC-223 CJC-225 CJC-231 CJC-233 CJC-255 CJC-264 COM-231 COS-111 COS-112 COS-113 COS-114 COS-115 COS-116 COS-117 COS-118 COS-121 COS-222 COS-224 COS-240 COS-250 COS-271 COS-272 COS-273 COS-274 CSC-118 CSC-218 CSC-139 CSC-143 CSC-151 CSC-239 CTI-110 CTI-120 CTI-140 CTS-115 CTS-120 CTS-285 CTS-289 DBA-120 DBA-221 DFT-100 DFT-151 DFT-154 DRA-111 DRA-130 ECO-151 ECO-251 ECO-252 EDU-119 EDU-131 EDU-144 EDU-145 EDU-146 EDU-151 EDU-153 EDU-187 EDU-216 EDU-221 EDU-234 EDU-235 EDU-250 EDU-261 EDU-262 EDU-279 EDU-280 EDU-284 EGR-110 EGR-250 EGR-285 ELC-113 ELC-114 ELC-128 ELC-131 ELC-131A ELC-132 ELC-135 ELC-136 ELC-231 ELN-131 ELN-133 ENG-125 ENG-131 ENG-132 ENG-231 ENG-232 ENG-241 ENG-242 ENG-272 ENG-273 FRE-111 FRE-112 GEL-111 GEO-110 GEO-111 HEA-110 HEA-112 HIS-111 HIS-112 HIS-115 HIS-131 HIS-132 HIS-145 HIS-162 HIS-221 HIS-226 HIS-236 HSE-110 HSE-112 HSE-123 HSE-125 HSE-210 HSE-225 HSE-240 HUM-115 HUM-120 HUM-121 HUM-122 HUM-150 HUM-160 HUM-180 HYD-110 ISC-112 ISC-113 ISC-121 MAC-111 MAC-178 MAC-179 MAC-234 MAC-234A MAT-110 MAT-121 MAT-122 MAT-143 MAT-152 MAT-171 MAT-172 MAT-263 MAT-271 MAT-272 MAT-273 MEC-110 MEC-128 MEC-145 MKT-120 MKT-220 MKT-223 MLT-110 MLT-111 MLT-118 MLT-120 MLT-125 MLT-130 MLT-140 MLT-141 MLT-215 MLT-240 MLT-271 MLT-283 MUS-110 MUS-112 MUS-210 NAS-101 NAS-102 NET-125 NET-126 NET-235 NOS-110 NOS-120 NOS-230 NUR-101 NUR-102 NUR-103 NUR-111 NUR-112 NUR-113 NUR-114 NUR-211 NUR-212 NUR-213 OST-130 OST-134 OST-135 OST-136 OST-137 OST-138 OST-141 OST-142 OST-148 OST-149 OST-153 OST-164 OST-184 OST-236 OST-243 OST-244 OST-247 OST-248 OST-286 OST-289 PCI-162 PED-110 PED-111 PED-113 PED-117 PED-118 PED-125 PED-128 PED-130 PED-131 PED-137 PED-138 PED-143 PED-144 PED-145 PED-147 PED-148 PED-152 PED-153 PED-154 PED-155 PED-181 PED-187 PED-219 PED-260 PHI-215 PHI-240 PHY-110 PHY-110A PHY-131 PHY-133 PHY-151 PHY-152 POL-110 POL-120 POL-130 POL-220 PSY-110 PSY-118 PSY-150 PSY-211 PSY-239 PSY-241 PSY-243 PSY-281 REL-110 REL-211 REL-212 SAB-110 SEC-160 SEL-192 2.00 6.00 0.00 SOC-210 SOC-213 SOC-220 SOC-225 SOC-240 SOC-245 SPA-111 SPA-112 SPA-141 SPA-161 SPA-211 SPA-212 SPA-221 SPI-113 SWK-110 SWK-113 TRN-110 TRN-120 TRN-120A TRN-140 TRN-140A TRN-145 TRN-170 WBL-111 WBL-112 WBL-113 WBL-115 WBL-120 WBL-122 WEB-110 WEB-115 WEB-250 WLD-110 WLD-115 WLD-116 WLD-121 WLD-131 WLD-132 WLD-141 WLD-151 WLD-212 WLD-251 WLD-262 WLD-265

Student Success

Take 1 credit from ACA-111 ACA-115 ACA-118 ACA-122