Applied Engineering Technology-MET Diploma D40130B

Pathway Description: These curriculums are designed to prepare students through the study and application of principles from mathematics, natural sciences, and technology and applied processes based on these subjects. Course work includes mathematics, natural sciences, engineering sciences and technology. Graduates should qualify to obtain occupations such as technical service providers, materials and technologies testing services, process improvement technicians, engineering technicians, industrial and technology managers, or research technicians.

Applied Engineering Technology: A course of study that prepares the students to use basic engineering principles and technical skills to solve technical problems in various types of industry. The course work emphasizes analytical and problem-solving skills. The curriculum includes courses in safety, math, physics, electricity, engineering technology, and technology-specific specialty areas. Graduates should qualify for employment in a wide range of positions in research and development, manufacturing, sales, design, inspection, or maintenance. Employment opportunities exist in automation, computer, electrical, industrial, or mechanical engineering fields, where graduates will function as engineering technicians.

Number of credit hours required for this program: 38

General Education Requirements


Take 3 credits from ENG-111


Take 3 credits from MAT-110 MAT-121

Major Requirements

Required Courses

Take 19 credits from CIS-110 DFT-119 ELC-128 ELC-131 HYD-110 ISC-112 MEC-110

Other Major Requirements

Required Courses

Take 13 credits from DFT-151 DFT-154 EGR-110 ISC-113 MEC-128