Beaufort County Community College offers adults an opportunity to complete their high school education through the NCCCS High School Equivalency (HSE) Program. The program’s purpose is to provide a second chance to adults who, for whatever reason, did not complete high school in the traditional manner. It is not intended as an alternative to the traditional high school for those students who cannot or refuse to complete a regular high school program. The HSE test battery is designed to measure a person’s knowledge and skills in the areas of Language Arts Reasoning, social studies, science, and mathematics.


  • Placement and Assessment. Placement testing is required for entry into all College & Career Readiness programs. Placement testing is available both day and evening. Please bring a valid picture ID that includes your birthday. For individuals 18 or older, please call (252) 940-6325 to schedule an assessment to begin your registration process. Assessments are also given at off campus sites for your convenience.
  • Come to BCCC Building 8 or your off campus site for your scheduled assessment. It takes less than 2 hours to complete. This is not a test, but a tool to help instructors plan your course of study.
  • You will meet with the Assessment Specialist/Instructor who will inform you of options and schedule you to begin class at a site of your choosing.
  • Your instructor will help prepare you for the High School Equivalency exam. Our College offers Pearson's General Education Development ( GED) test and the Education Testing Services High School Equivalency Test (HiSET). The test battery is designed to measure a person's knowledge and skills in the areas of language arts reasoning, social studies, science, and mathematics. As you increase your skill level in each subject, your instructor will be an invaluable resource and guide for helping you decide when you are prepared enough to take any or all of the HSE tests.
  • Register to take the HSE Test of your choice; either GED or HiSET


Pearson Vue GED
Jul 16, 17, 30, 31
Aug 6, 7
Sept 3, 4, 17, 18
Oct 1, 2, 15, 16
Nov 5, 6, 19
Dec 3, 4

Jul 15
Aug 5
Sept 16, 30
Oct 1, 28
Nov 4, 18
Dec 2


If you earned a High School Equivalency in North Carolina, please visit the North Carolina Community College High School Equivalency Records website for transcript request information.

For more information regarding High School Equivalency Testing, please contact:

Penelope Radcliffe

Sandy Berry

Bobbie Lewis