Phlebotomy Technician
Credential: Phlebotomy Technician, America Society of Phlebotomy Technicians

A certificate course consisting of theory and clinical experiences, which prepares the student to enter the medical field as a Phlebotomist in various settings. Core course concept is instruction on how to safely and competently perform venipunctures. After successful completion of the course, student is encouraged to test for their certification as a phlebotomist. Student will earn a Working Smart credential: soft skills for workplace success while enrolled in the program.
Prerequisite: Career Readiness Certificate of a bronze or higher. Copy of certificate is due at time of registration along with a copy of a High School diploma or High School Equivalency.
Textbooks: Plebotomy Techn (ISBN 9780133144567) $197.22,* medical dictionary-$10, *uniform-$105.00, *2 step TB skin test-$60, *immunizations -$100, Castle Branch-$85, ASPT exam fee-$90-120 (*approximate cost)
Requirements: Competently perform venipunctures in the lab setting. 90 hours of clinical Monday - Friday during hours of operation for clinical facility. Uniform: navy blue scrub top and pewter gray pants to be worn daily while in class, lab and clinical. (scrub top and white mid-lengthlab coat embroidered with BCCC in royal blue) white closed toe/heel shoes. Background check, drug screen, immunization upload to Castle Branch $85. Must be completed within 30 days of first day of class.

Next course offering coming Fall 2019!

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