Our Personal Enrichment program offers a variety of mind-body exercise classes. Several of our course offerings are listed below. We frequently add new offerings, so please view our course schedule for a current list of courses.

Tai Chi
Relax and stretch using this ancient Chinese exercise art. This class meets twice each week to give you sessions of gentle stretching and breathing. Tai Chi improves strength, flexibility, balance, and bone density, and it maintains muscle mass. Folks who participate often report that they just feel better. Please join Eric Humphries and learn the “8 Essential Pieces of Brocade” which constitute Tai Chi.

Reiki 1
Melissa Johnson has practiced Reiki, an ancient and powerful energy therapy, for 15 years, and she is a Certified Master Teacher. She will teach how to channel Reiki to your family, friends, and even your pets by using your hands to connect to and channel healing energy. Students who achieve the Reiki 1 certification can help others find calming respite from pain, grounding, and sense of healing. This technique is embraced by over 800 hospitals in the US, and it has no contraindications. Please call Clay Carter at 252-940-6357 if you have questions about this class.

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