Human Resource Development (HRD): Essential Skills
These courses use the ACT WorkKeys Curriculum to explore topics relating to Essential Skills for Employment. Students will obtain an ACT WorkKeys Curriculum login upon entering the class and will explore the lessons presented through the online suite. An instructor will be available during the class to assist with students, and upon completion of each course students will receive certificates of completion on the Essential Skills topic covered that day. Fee waivers are available for qualifying individuals.

Essential Skills: Working in Teams
This 4-hour course explores Working in Teams, covering topics such as team membership, mission and goals, as well as team types, relationship building, effective communication, conflict management, and problem solving/decision making.

Essential Skills: Interpersonal and Business Communication
This 4-hour course explores Interpersonal and Business Communication, covering topics such as phone and email communication, meeting participation, media navigation, as well as cultural awareness, self-representation, active listening and non-verbal communication.

Essential Skills: Work Discipline
This 4-hour course explores Work Discipline, covering topics such as time management, organization and planning, procrastination and selfmanagement, as well as employer expectations, ethical behavior, and job performance factors.

Essential Skills: Customer Service
This 4-hour course explores Customer Service, covering topics such as phone etiquette, personability, virtual assistance, conflict resolution, as well as how to deal with difficult customers, and achieving service excellence.

Essential Skills: Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
This 4-hour course explores Problem Solving and Critical Thinking, covering topics such as the problem-solving process, negotiating solutions to problems, situational critical thinking, and other problem-solving strategies.

Essential Skills: Financial Awareness
This 4-hour course explores Financial Awareness, covering topics such as online banking, checking and savings account management, household income calculation, budget creation and management, as well as credit management and repair, insurance basics, financial planning, and retirement investment.

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