Pathway to Counseling/Human Services Careers
The Pathway to Counseling/Human Services program will provide basic skills training in case management and substance abuse services. The program will highlight skills used in Counseling and Human Service careers such as: Counseling, Individual Needs Assessment, Documentation, Evaluation, Client Education, Coordination of Care Planning, Referrals, etc. At the completion of the session, students may decide to register for the Continuing Education program offered in Substance Abuse Counseling Preparation offered Fall Semester 2019.

6:00pm-9:00pm Mon & Wed July 8-July 31
Fee: $70/free with fee waiver
24 hrs Section #34024 BCCC Building 8, Room 828

For more information or to register, please contact:
Continuing Education Registration & Records Clerk
Phone: 252-940-6375