Small Engine Mechanic
Credential: Two Stroke Engine, Four Stroke Engine, Compact Diesel Engine (Completion of all three qualify individual as an EETC Engine Technician); Equipment & Engine Training Council (EETC)

The small engine mechanic course explores the principles of small gasoline engine design, construction, and operation. It also presents a detailed overview of small engine maintenance, troubleshooting, rebuilding, and repair. The course also covers the design, construction, operation, diagnosis, service, and repair of both mobile and stationary diesel engines. Content relates to on- and off-road vehicles, and industrial applications. Students will need to purchase the Small Gas Engine (ISBN: 978-1-63126-390-3) and the Diesel Technology (ISBN: 978-1-61960-832-0) textbooks for class. Each EETC credentialing exam costs $50.00 in addition to the registration fee. Retesting fees do apply.

Next course offering is scheduled for Fall 2018!

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