Photo of Jenny Futrell

Jenny Futrell Named President of SGA

Jenny Futrell is letting school come first this time. The Beaufort County Community College student plans to start the nursing program in 2018, returning to the college for a second degree. Futrell is also getting involved in student life this time around, taking the helm of the Student Government Association.

Futrell first started at BCCC in 2011, but her first year as a student was also her first year as a mother, having just had her daughter Analiyah. She graduated with a degree in medical office administration in 2014, but her new motherhood at the time limited her ability to participate in student activities.

She has always wanted to work in health care. At Riverside High School in Williamston, she was part of the allied health program. “I want to do nursing because it’s hands-on,” she said.

Now that her daughter is seven, and her son Jayden is two, she is back at BCCC to join the nursing program. The rigorous program often requires long hours of study or clinical rotations that are not always compatible with other obligations.

Futrell is returning with a new sense of focus. During her first tenure at the college, her objective was just getting her degree. As SGA president she will serve as the student representative on the BCCC Board of Trustees. She has also joined Gamma Beta Phi, the college’s honor society. She is both excited and nervous about her venture into extracurricular activities.

She wants to make sure that students’ voices are heard, and that they are recognized for their achievements. She also wants use her previous experience at the college, and her new conviction, to guide her service to other students. “Don’t let anything hold you back from making your life better.”