BCCC offers the Real Estate Broker Pre-licensing Course, Real Estate General Mandatory Update, the Broker-in-Charge Update, and an Elective course.

The Real Estate Broker Pre-licensing Course is an introductory level real estate principles and practices course with heavy emphasis on real estate brokerage law and practice. The primary objectives of this course are (1) to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to act as a licensed real estate broker in a manner that protects and serves the public interest and (2) to prepare students for the real estate license examination. Major topics addressed in this course include basic real  property law, property taxation, land use controls, environmental hazards, brokerage relationships and practices, real estate contracts, real estate financing, closing a real estate sale transaction, real estate valuation, fair housing laws , landlord and tenant, property management, federal income taxation of real estate, basic house construction, basic real estate investment, the North Carolina Real Estate License Law and North Carolina Real Estate Commission Rules and Trust Account Guidelines.  A textbook will be required for the course and can be purchased from the BCCC Bookstore, Modern Real Estate Practices in North Carolina, 8th Edition. 

Class schedule:
Classes will be held in the fall of 2017.  Please call us to be placed on the mailing list for additional information.

The General Update, BIC Update, and Elective Courses will satisfy the requirements for yearly renewal of your real estate license. You may take either class or both, depending on your individual needs.

General Update and Elective class:
February 7 and 9, 2017
Tuesday and Thursday, 6 pm to 10 pm both nights
(update on the first night)
Registration fee $50 for one or both nights

Additional classes will be scheduled later this spring.  Please call us for more information.

BIC Update and Elective class:
We hope to schedule classes later this spring.  Please call us for more information.  

BCCC will provide students the General Update or the BIC Update Manual as part of the registration fee. Students will be required to purchase the Elective book directly from Dearborn Publishing.

All classes will be held in Building 8 - Room 824.

There is no funding assistance for these courses.

For more information about these courses, please contact:
Lou Stout
Director of Workforce Initiatives
Building 8, Room 804
Phone:  (252) 940-6307
Fax:  (252) 940-6254