five people at graduation
(left to right) Holden Hudnell, Jesus Munoz Segovia, Tyler Seaman, Ethan Yoder, and Feliciano Trejo Cota all earned high school diplomas as part of the Beaufort County Early College High School Class of 2023 in addition to earning associate degrees through Beaufort County Community College.

Beaufort County Early College High School Celebrates Class Of 2023

The Class of 2023 at Beaufort County Early College High School celebrated their high school graduation in Washington High School’s auditorium. The dual enrollment program, housed on the campus of Beaufort County Community College (BCCC), saw 55 students presented with high school diplomas, 38 of whom also received one or more associate degrees through Beaufort County Community College.

Students who also earned certificates or degrees through BCCC had participated in a larger ceremony with graduates from the college and other early college high school students on May 11. The graduates are headed off to four-year universities, the military and the workforce.

Graduates were recognized for different achievements at the ceremony. Those wearing gold cords had weighted high school grade point average of 4.0 or higher. Those with white cords had completed an associate’s degree. Kayla Boyd, Jasper Finn Mosher, and Feliciano Trejo Cota earned an Associate in Arts through BCCC. Marissa Acker, Richard Arteaga, Claire Barnes, Jonasia Boston, Michael Bowen, Patriauna Bryant, Devonia Burrus, Emily Cahoon, Luna Espinoza, Britney Gamboa Gomez, Cynthia Garcia, Janilya Goddard, Adam Harp, Holden Hudnell, Sydney Johnson, Barbara Lilley, Brynn Miller, Sierra Modlin, Jesus Munoz Segovia, Kamoni Patterson, Eduardo Ramirez Lopez, Jessica Paola Ramirez, Kayla Rubio Gamez, Karime Riuz, Wendy Salinas Trejo, Kristen Satchel, Tyler Seaman, Ella Stotesbury, Seamus Sullivan, Feliciano Trejo Cota, Edwin Vasquez Luis, Alyric Whitley, Cheyenne Wilson, Chase Wolfe, and Ethan Yoder all received both an Associate in Arts and an Associate in Science. Travis DeMercurio earned an Associate in Applied Science in Business Administration, an Associate in Arts, and an Associate in Science.

Eleven of the graduates had unweighted high school GPAs of 3.5 or higher. The North Carolina Scholars were Marissa Acker, Katelyn Alligood, Claire Barnes, Adam Harp, Barbara Lilley, Jesus Munoz Segovia, Kayla Rubio Gamez, Wendy Salinas-Trejo, Tyler Seaman, Edwin Vasquez Luis, and Ethan Yoder. Adam Harp was the Class of 2023's valedictorian.

The number of students at the Beaufort County Early College High School has grown in recent years, with four more students receiving degrees through BCCC than last year. Some students are only a few credits from finishing their degrees and plan to continue at BCCC in the fall. Additionally, some students finished short-term credentials through the Division of Continuing Education with Brandan Cole Faucett completing Emergency Medical Technician and Patriauna Bryant and Kamoni Patterson completing Nurse Aide I.

BCCC also partners with Columbia Early College High School, Hyde Academy, and Washington County Early College High School. Qualified students from all area high schools can take free college classes through Career and College Promise, with students at Northside High School, Southside High School, Washington High School, and Washington Montessori Public Charter School completing associate degrees.

Early college high school students go to high school classes for their first two years, later transitioning to taking college classes just like any other college students on the BCCC campus. At the end of their five-year education, they earn a high school diploma, and most of them also earn one or more associate’s degrees. BCECHS encourages its students to graduate with two associate's degrees.

BCCC wishes all the best to its early college students.