Basic requirements to study abroad with BCCC

  • Must be at least 18 years old at the time of travel
  • Enroll in a class associated with the program
  • Have a 2.5 GPA or higher
  • At least 12 hours of completed credit at BCCC prior to travel
  • Read and complete required forms in the study abroad manual


Currently, students pay the majority of the costs for the trip out of pocket. However, we do hold several fundraisers throughout the school year to raise funds to cover group expenses and some personal expenses. Some very dedicated students have managed to raise several hundred dollars through our fundraisers to take off their accounts.

We also rely on donations from the community. While direct monetary donations have been received (and are much appreciated), the community typically contributes by making donations that will aid our fundraising.

We thank each and every one of our donors. Their contributions are immeasurable and much appreciated.

How We Travel

In the past, we have used either Explorica or Education First (EF) College Study Tours to facilitate our trips. We use this for many reasons.

  • All-inclusive travel insurance
  • Full-time, knowledgeable tour guide who travels with us
  • Opportunities to meet and interact with students from universities and colleges from across the country
  • Safety inspections of all facilities (hotels, attractions, travel accommodations, etc.)
  • Mostly inclusive pricing (typically lunch and some dinners are not included)
  • Repeat travelers get a $100 discount on subsequent trips
Picture of hotel and pool .
photo of beach, pier ,palm tree, people swimming.
Photo of white sandy beach in Belize, palm trees, pier, small fishing boat on beach.
BCCC student on ferry .
Ms. Stotesbury and BCCC at air port.
BCCC study aboard in the city.
BCCC study abroad students waiting for the rail.
Photo of a hotel
Photo of art-deco building
Photo of metropolitan city in London a ocean view of large bridge, various boats , cruise ships, cargo ship, tourist boats