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NOTE: PwReset is currently available only to employee users. Applicants and students, including those employed in the College Work-Study, Men of Success and Student Tutors departments, should continue to use their student username, password and e-mail address. Student passwords are set to the last six digits of the student's social security number (SSN). Student passwords can only be changed if the password is believed to have been compromised.

PwReset allows users to reset their own passwords without the need to contact support personnel. New users must first enroll in PwReset, then return to this page to reset/change their initial password to a password only they know. Please read all of the information below as this is a two-step process for new users - enroll then return to this page to reset/change password.

Enrollment involves logging in using your username and an initial password (see next paragraph) then choosing security questions and providing the correct answers. While users are allowed to select their questions (or compose custom questions), it is strongly encouraged that you choose questions that would be very difficult to guess, even by someone familiar with you. These security questions are used to authenticate the user's identity before resetting passwords in the future - so they could also be used to break into your account. Users should also take care to enter answers spelled in a way that they are likely to match in the future.

Initial passwords are unique to each user. Initial passwords for employee users who have been enrolled as students during the previous four academic terms will have initial default passwords matching their student password (i.e. the last six digits of the SSN). Otherwise, the initial password is set to the first three letters of the user's birth month in proper case (e.g. Jan, Feb, etc.) followed by a number that is the sum of the three numbers comprising the user's SSN, followed by an exclamation point (!). Don't worry, there is a calculator at the bottom of this page to help.

Once enrolled, the user must return to this page to reset/change their password to something only they know. The "reset" feature requires the user to answer a random selection of their security questions while the "change" feature requires the user to know their current password. It is recommended that the "reset" feature be used initially as it allows the user to test their questions and answers.

Employee passwords must be changed at least once every 90 days, must not match any of the 6 previous passwords used, must be at least 8 characters long and must include at least three of the following four character types: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numeric digits, special characters/punctuation (e.g. !, @, #, etc.).

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