Our Personal Enrichment program offers a variety of Dance & Recreation classes! Several of our course offerings are listed below. We frequently add new offerings, so please view our course schedule (link below) for a current list of courses.

Line Dancing--Beginner
Our Line Dancing class is very popular, as it should be. We added more sections, and we added some time to each session. Everyone who joins has time to enjoy gentle and moderate exercise. Line Dancing improves memory while you learn the various dances (we’ll go through 20 different styles.) And you’ll enjoy getting ready for weddings and holiday parties. Please join us for 6 weeks of entertaining line dancing. And don’t forget; it’s just plain fun! Register & pay online.

Line Dancing-Intermediate
We continue our line dancing exercises with new dances and slightly more complex arrangements. Build upon all the steps we learned in our first sessions to give students more dances and fun. Register & pay online.

Shag Dancing-Beginner
The Shag is the favorite couples dance in the Carolinas. Come and learn this traditional social activity and enjoy the fellowship in our dancing classroom. It will not take long for couples to master the basic steps and at least six fun moves. Dance etiquette will be part of the instruction. After this class couples will be ready to confidently join-in at many social events. Register & pay online.

Shag Dancing-Intermediate
After mastering the basics in our Carolina Shag class please return to add more steps to your repertoire. More shagging equals more fun. We’ll continue to build confidence with the basics and add new moves. Chris Winstead will lead the class, and you will lead everyone to the dance floor at the next party. Register & pay online.

In compliance with the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act, the following standards have been established. All students in the programs below are expected to meet certain essential technical standards for successfully completing all program phases and reflect industry requirements and standards. To verify the student's ability to perform these essential functions, students may be required to demonstrate the technical standards.
Dance & Recreation Classes Technical Standards

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