Artificial Intelligence


BEN POULIN - Industry Training & UAS Operations Program Coordinator
OFFICE: Building 8 - Room 810 - (252) 940-6408


SUMMER SESSION (May 16th - August 14th)

AI Strategy & Adoption for Business Leaders - Meets on 5/31 (9a-12p) - $75

  • In this workshop, business leaders will explore the potential of AI and gain insights to make informed decisions about integrating AI-powered tools into their daily operations. Topics include understanding AI technologies, assessing staff readiness, and formulating effective AI strategies

Introduction to Top Powered Tools (Chatbots) - Meets 6/5, 6/6, 6/19, & 6/20 (6-8p) - $75

  • Join our interactive workshop series where we delve into the fascinating world of popular AI-powered tools referred to as chatbots. Over four engaging sessions, each lasting two hours, we’ll explore renowned chatbots like OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Microsoft Copilot, and Anthropic's Claude. Discover their capabilities, learn established methods for using them, and gain practical insights on how to apply them in your daily schedule. 

Effective and Ethical Use of AI for Students - Meets on 6/14 (9a-12p) - $75

  • This three-hour workshop is designed for high school and college students, focusing on the responsible and ethical use of AI language models. Participants will explore the foundations of AI ethics, learn practical strategies for using AI-generated content responsibly, and gain insights into detecting bias in AI material. By the end of the workshop, students will be equipped to navigate AI language models effectively while maintaining integrity and ethical standards.

Prompt Engineering and Responsible AI - Meets on 6/28 (9a-12p) - $75

  • This comprehensive class hones in on prompt engineering—a critical aspect of AI model development. Participants will learn techniques for crafting effective prompts, ensuring fairness, and addressing ethical considerations in AI systems.

AI Ethics and Responsible Deployment - Meets on 7/12 (9a-12p) - $75

  • Focusing on ethical considerations, this class covers topics like bias mitigation, transparency, and privacy in AI systems. Participants will also learn best practices for deploying AI solutions responsibly within their organizations.