Google Ethical Hacking with Python
Credential: IT Automation with Python Certificate, Google

This online course introduces students to investigative ethical hacking techniques using the Python programming language. Emphasis is placed on using Python in advanced web attacks, scanning, gaining and maintaining system access, covering tracks, malware delivery, password cracking, keylogging, cryptography, reconnaissance, enumeration, and buffer overflows. Upon completion, students should be able to understand system vulnerabilities and applications of the Python computer programming language to mitigate system vulnerabilities and threats and perform ethical hacking.

Google Project Management
Certification: Project Management Certificate, Google

This online course introduces students to the advanced concepts, tools, templates, and artifacts used to manage projects from initiation to completion using Google resources through Agile development. Emphasis is placed on foundational and advanced project management methodology including initiating, planning, and executing projects utilizing quality and risk management techniques, strategic thinking, and project execution procedures as well as the exploration of Agile Project Management and the strategies it uses to drive business value. Upon completion, students should be able to manage and run traditional and agile projects and programs from initiation to completion using a variety of resources and leadership skills to support organizational goals and business processes.

Google Data Analytics
Certification: Data Analytics Certificate, Google

This course introduces the role of an advanced Google data analyst and how to make data-driven decisions using effective questions, data transformation, analyzation processes, visualization, and programming. Emphasis is placed on setting up data toolbox, spreadsheets, database and query basics, visualization basics, effective communication techniques, and data validation; as well as design thinking, data driven storytelling, dashboards, R programming, job portfolios, and technical expertise. Upon completion, students should be able to review assessments, use formulas and calculations to analyze datasets, create queries, use visualization tools, create a data-driven storyboard, develop dashboards and presentations, create analytical reports, communicate effectively with stakeholders, and showcase technical analytical skills.

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